Monday, December 24, 2012

Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3 establishes a bleak and mature tone out of the gate. Jason, our protagonist, should fear the pirates running the tropical retreat of Rook Island.The emotional weight only gets heavier as he tries to save his missing friends from slave-trading psychopaths. In turn, Jason’s gradual transformation from coward to killer unfolds in a natural, believable way, which compensates for the narrow revenge premise.

The many secrets hidden in its gigantic, open world aren’t arbitrary video game collectibles. Lost letters from World War II detail past struggles on Rook Island. Stray memory cards detail the depravity of its drug operations.

Loss of control is an important theme throughout Far Cry 3. Jason and the majority of the main cast have a hard time keeping it together, either because they’re coming unglued or have already lost it
Multiplayer, on the other hand, retains very little of what makes Far Cry 3’s single-player campaign special.The combat is still fast and engaging, but it’s less tactical with fewer attack opportunities

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