Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beta Ark Tribal Skul

Having renewed the RR Enduro range with the introduction of an engine “homemade” and have proposed novel solutions to sixteen with the desire for motion, in Beta did not want to waste time seizing this desire to add a new piece the range Ark .
Aggressive style and “technical” in cilistica, the new model introduces an Ark Tribal Skull graphic impact, based on a stylization of the skulls. A style well known to spray painted all over the world, called to create skulls on the reservoirs of the Harley on the snow and skate boards, helmets, and even on guitars and jackets. Not to mention the tattoos. The backgrounds in this type of graphics are also much requested to create personal space on Myspace.
Offered in conjunction with the engine Air Cooled and Liquid Cooled, the previously unreleased version of Skull adds to the already known “dark” ONE , the “sport” RR and paddock and two TRIBE (silver and white).

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